The Apple Store in ‘Seoul’s Beverly Hills’ is about to get some strong competition from an old foe

The Apple Gangnam store might have only been open for a few weeks but it’s already getting some hot new competition from a company that it knows very well indeed.

The Apple Gangnam store opened in March 2023 and immediately proved popular among customers in South Korea’s city of Seoul.

But there’s another company whose hometown happens to be Seoul and it turns out it’s getting ready to open a new retail space of its own and it’s going to be a big one.

Samsung’s counter

The Korea Economic Daily (opens in new tab) and 9to5Mac (opens in new tab) report that Samsung’s own Gangnam store is coming in June 2023 with the company keen to “counter Apple’s expansion strategy in the country.”

The Gangnam area of Seoul is said to be the city’s version of Beverly Hills, suggesting that there is no shortage of money ready to be spent. To take full advantage of that Samsung’s store will reportedly span six floors and cover much more than just phones and laptops.

“With one basement and five above-ground floors, the facility will display Samsung Electronics’ mobile devices, TVs, and household appliances and introduce a lifestyle featuring connection between products,” the KED reports.

As you might expect from a store that’s opening as soon as next month, Samsung’s new space hasn’t been spun up at a moment’s notice. The company reportedly decided to open a store in the area as far back as 2018 and had a hand in the facility’s reconstruction “the exterior of which will reflect Samsung Electronics’ identity.” The store is also expected to offer monthly sessions with Samsung execs and staff there to “share tips on the job hunting process and in-house activities.”

As for Apple, its expansion into South Korea continues with three stores already open in Samsung’s backyard. The company also recently launched Apple Pay in the country, too.



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