Ted Lasso’s Biscuits with the Boss ice cream review: Tastes as good as we imagined

Jeni’s Biscuits with the Boss ice cream

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As Ted Lasso makes its season 3 debut, ice cream purveyor Jeni’s has released a limited edition, officially-licensed collaboration flavor, called Biscuits with the Boss. Here’s what it tastes like.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, based out of Columbus, Ohio, has been pumping out the pints for the last 21 years. What started at a local market has grown to more than 60 scoop shops and nationwide retail distribution.

It has a pedigree for using exceptional ingredients and creating some of the most unique flavor combinations. Anytime we walk into our local shop for a visit, we never leave disappointed.

Historically, some of our favorite flavors have been Boozy Eggnog, Goat Cheese & Cherries, and Middle West Whiskey & Pecans. All delicious.

Holding Jeni's Biscuits with the Boss ice cream

Holding Jeni’s Biscuits with the Boss ice cream limited edition pint

In February, Jeni’s announced it was launching a limited edition collaboration with Apple’s own Ted Lasso ahead of the season 3 debut. Naturally, we were quick to track down a pint (or three) as soon as it became available.

The flavor, Biscuits with the Boss, is pulled directly from the show. Lasso has a morning ritual of hand-delivering shortbread biscuits to his boss, Rebecca Welton, who owns the fictitious AFC Richmond FC.

Ted’s charm — along with the biscuits — helped cement their burgeoning friendship from her initial malicious intent.

Ted’s take on ice cream

This limited edition pint comes in a blue container with red stripes that mimic AFC Richmond team jackets. On top sits one of Lasso’s iconic pink boxes in that he delivers his biscuits.

Top graphics of Jeni's Biscuits with the Boss ice cream

Top graphics of Jeni’s Biscuits with the Boss ice cream

Fittingly, Jeni’s Ted Lasso flavor is a blend of shortbread cookies — er, biscuits — in a rich vanilla ice cream. The flavor sounds a bit on the basic side, but that is also emblematic of the character himself.

The ice cream is incredibly smooth with strong vanilla notes. It’s easily one of the best straight vanilla flavors we’ve tried.

Scooping some Jeni's Biscuits with the Boss ice cream

Scooping some Biscuits with the Boss

It only gets better with the shortbread that is soft and buttery. The shortbread adds contrasting saltiness to the sweet cream that brings Lasso’s biscuits to life.

Our closest parallel is a shortbread version of salted caramel. Sweet, delicious, with wonderfully opposing flavors.

Tasting Biscuits with the Boss

Tasting Biscuits with the Boss

The flavor evolves as the sweet cream ice warms on your palette, bringing out the depth of flavor.

We could do with a few more shortbread crumbles, but overall, this is a delightfully well-balanced ice cream.

As Roy Kent himself would say, “f***, yeah that’s good.”

Ted Lasso's iconic pink biscuit boxes

Ted Lasso’s iconic pink biscuit boxes

Rating: 5 out of 5

Ted Lasso’s Biscuits with the Boss ice cream review – Pros

  • Great-looking Ted Lasso packaging
  • Iconic graphics from the show
  • Delicous Lasso-inspired ice cream

Ted Lasso’s Biscuits with the Boss ice cream review – Cons

Where to buy

The Jeni’s Ted Lasso collab Biscuits with the Boss ice cream is sold out online but can still be found in your local scoop shop.


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