Take up to 30% off Aqara smart home devices this Fall Prime Day

Aqara smart home products can give your home some brains.

Amazon’s popular savings blowout returns this October 10th and 11th for Prime Fall Day, and Aqara is taking advantage by offering massive savings and historically low prices on several smart devices.

Aqara makes it easy to turn your dwelling into a smart home with HomeKit devices like the U100 Smart Lock or the FP2 Presence Sensor. For these two days only, purchase these smart solutions at a 30% discount, making it more affordable to outfit your home.

Aqara U100 Smart Lock and G4 video doorbell

There are few things worse than that sinking feeling in the gut when you realize that you are locked out of the house. Luckily, the Aqara U100 Smart Lock makes that fear a thing of the past by eliminating the need for keys altogether, thanks to the digital keypad, fingerprint scanner, and Apple Home key support.

Unlock the U100 Smart Lock with your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Unlock the U100 Smart Lock with your Apple Watch or iPhone.

The U100 is a heavy-duty deadbolt-style lock with a sleek, easy-to-install design, IP65 weatherproofing, and an eight-month battery life. It keeps perps away, even if they try some futuristic TikTok challenge to hack your lock, as the U100 sports 128-bit AES security, anti-peep passcodes, and locally generated one-time passwords.

Plus, you can share access with family and friends through secure passcodes. And never get locked out when the U100 runs out of juice because there is a physical key backup and a USB-C emergency charging port.

Aqara’s U100 Smart Lock opens with the tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch and connects with HomeKit Seamlessly. During Fall Prime Day, you can find the U100 on sale for only $132.99, 30% off and a historic low.

The perfect companion for the U100 is Aqara’s G4 video doorbell, bringing a new level of comfort and security to the home entry experience. On-device facial recognition and AI pair together to customize a Welcome Home theme for each person who enters.

The G4 video doorbell lets you communicate with visitors.

The G4 video doorbell lets you communicate with visitors through HomeKit Secure Video.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a constant view of what happens right outside the front door with up to 7 days of cloud storage, a 162-degree field-of-view, and support for a 512GB SD card. Plus, speak to visitors through your iPhone with the help of HomeKit Secure Video and never leave the couch for a solicitor again.

The Aqara G4 video doorbell supports AA batteries for up to four months of use but can also wire directly to existing doorbell power solutions for unlimited power. Never miss a guest again because the G4 can ring your HomePod or Apple TV, and the internal chime repeater has a 95dB volume, which is as loud as a motorcycle engine.

Aqara’s G4 video doorbell is also at a historic rock-bottom price for Fall Prime Day, coming in hot with a 30% discount, bringing the price down to a low of $83.99.

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2

Each day, we spend countless minutes preparing each room to match the comfort we desire, from lighting to temperature and everything in between. You can eliminate those wasted minutes by investing in an Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 that can trigger scenarios and automation.

Control your environment with your presence with the FP2.

Control your environment with your presence with the FP2.

Divide spaces up to 430sq ft with various zones, like furniture, allowing you to set up automation for each zone. For example, say you walk from your desk to the couch; the FP2 sensor will automatically turn off the lights over the desk and illuminate the area by the couch.

The Aqara FP2 Presence Sensor has millimeter-wave radar and built-in light sensors to create the perfect conditions. However, the FP2 isn’t just ideal for creating comfort; it can also detect falls, making it a potentially life-saving device.

Aqara’s FP2 doesn’t have cameras and doesn’t rely on an internet connection, so your privacy is 100% safe. With the IPX5 rating, you can even install the FP2 in bathrooms and never risk a shower fall again.

Typically, the Presence Sensor FP2 sells for $82.99, but it’s now only $64.99 for Fall Prime Day.

Aqara Smart Hub M2

It may feel like we’re living in the future, but devices are getting smarter all the time. Futureproof your Aqara purchases with an investment in the Smart Hub M2, which even serves as a Matter bridge, making it the most advanced hub in Aqara’s lineup.

In order to pull smart devices together, manage their operations, and ensure they work flawlessly, you need a smart hub. Aqara’s Smart Hub M2 bridges your Zigbee devices, letting you connect upwards of 128 devices and IR controls for fans and lights to TVs for complete wireless control.

Use the Aqara M2 Hub to bring your smart devices together.

Use the Aqara M2 Hub to bring your smart devices together.

The Smart Hub M2 is a comprehensive automation platform that also serves as a speaker for voice commands, alarms, security alerts, and ringtones. The integration with HomeKit makes the M2 Smart Hub the brains of your home ecosystems and virtual assistants like Siri.

The Aqara Smart Hub M2 is a must-have if you want to expand your collection of smart devices to create an integrated web of automation, security, and comfort. Pick one up during Fall Prime Days for only $41.99.

Don’t miss out on Prime Fall Day savings from Aqara

Smart home devices are making life easier and more comfortable while providing additional security through front door solutions, like the Aqara U100 Smart Lock and G4 video doorbell. Create the ultimate smart home ecosystem with the M2 Smart Hub or make automation hand-free with the Presence Sensor FP2, all on sale for Fall Prime Day.

Explore more of what Aqara has to offer and find more products you’re sure to love by visiting their Amazon storefront.


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