Special tour of Apple Park among new perks offered at WWDC 2023 viewing event

Apple has released details of this year’s WWDC viewing event, which for the first time will include a tour of Apple Park, a series of extended developer sessions, and an apparently unmissable evening event.

Like WWDC 2022 and the iPhone 14 launch in September, this year’s WWDC will be a hybrid event: primarily a pre-recorded virtual presentation, but with an in-person component where select invitees gather for what is essentially a keynote watching party. Much as in-person visitors got some hands-on time with the new iPhones and Apple Watches in the September 2022 event, WWDC 2023 attendees will get to enjoy a bunch of special privileges.

As MacRumors reports, these privileges will include three components that haven’t been available previously: a special tour of Apple Park, an evening activity with food and drinks, and a series of extended developer sessions.

For the tour, which takes place in the afternoon of June 5, visitors will be given the choice of two routes: “Inside the Ring” (promising incredible views and a “fascinating” exhibit at The Gallery at Apple Park, which has not previously been open to visitors) or “Inner Meadow” (covering the orchards and pond, among other things).

That evening, attendees will be treated to a “Special Evening Activity” which the company says they “won’t want to miss.” Other than the fact that food and drink will be provided, details of this event are scarce.

Finally, developer sessions will take place the day after the keynote presentation, in the morning, afternoon and evening. These will each last two and a half hours and cover “some of the latest announcements” from the WWDC keynote. Obviously we don’t know what they will involve, but there’s a fair chance xrOS will be on the menu, along with the usual dishes of iOS, macOS and so on.

Sadly the event is limited to a small number of developers who entered a lottery and were lucky enough to win. If you didn’t hear from Apple by April 5, we’re sorry to say that your name is not on the list–and tickets are non-transferrable. Instead, you will need to watch WWDC 2023 the same way as the rest of us: online.


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