Save 63% on the ultimate AI-powered PDF editor from UPDF

UPDF’s AI-powered PDF editor is now 63% off for a limited time.

Versatile and capable PDF editing comes to Mac, iPad, iPhone, PC, and Android devices with UPDF, even with the latest iOS 17 updates. UPDF’s all-in-one platform makes it easy for anyone to read, annotate, edit, sync, convert, encrypt, sign, and organize your PDF files, and it is now on sale for a limited time.

AppleInsider readers can take 63% off UPDF Pro, and a single license translates to all your favorite devices. Plus, UPDF for Mac now supports ChatGPT PDF features to bring AI capabilities to your PDFs for translating, summarizing, and explaining content.

Leverage UPDF AI features to supercharge your documents

AI technology is supercharging how people get work done and the types of work they do, making significant projects more manageable and quicker to complete. UPDF’s PC and Mac versions come packed with AI’s incredible capabilities.

AI functionality brings new capabilities to your PDF management.

UPDF AI functionality brings new capabilities to your document management.

Users leveraging UPDF AI features enjoy the automatic translation, which seamlessly converts original text into various languages. AI translation means fewer steps when working with international contracts, order sheets, or assignments.

UPDF’s AI capabilities can help you explain PDF documents, making it easy to decipher complex concepts. You can use the “Explain” features to have AI translate technical jargon or unfamiliar topics without the need for outside experts.

Likewise, the UPDF AI features allow users to examine, summarize, and extract critical information. Lengthy PDF documents are no match for the near-instant delivery of key facts, figures, and details.

While there is still great debate about the effectiveness of AI for writing projects, UPDF’s AI does support rewriting and proofreading capabilities. These features make writing reports, follow-ups, and supporting documents the easiest part of your day.

Key UPDF features and highlights

UPDF brings more to the table than just AI capabilities. These functions include reading, converting, editing, signing, and organizing your files.

Edit, annotate, analyze, and more with UPDF's robust PDF platform.

Edit, annotate, analyze, and more with UPDF’s robust PDF platform.

Mac and PC UPDF users can sync and edit PDFs in various ways, such as images, text, links, footers, watermarks, and headers. Some capabilities are also available on mobile through iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, such as text and images.

A PDF editor would be useless without the ability to read PDF files, but UPDF goes a step further and allows users to interact with PDFs in several ways. You view PDFs as a slideshow, single-page, two-page, or scrollable document, and you can highlight and annotate while reading.

UPDF’s user-friendly interface makes filling out PDF forms easier than ever. You can even fill out non-fillable forms with editing and commenting features, such as adding text boxes, drawing, and adding images.

Take highlighting and annotating to the next level with UPDF's collaboration features.

Take highlighting and annotating to the next level with UPDF’s collaboration features.

UPDF’s annotation features make collaboration straightforward thanks to features like underlining, making comments, adding text boxes, and creating sticky notes. Users can also add stamps, stickers, signatures, and shapes and share projects with a simple link.

UPDF users can also sign and convert PDF documents into other popular file types, like Word, Excel, .TXT, and HTML. Furthermore, you can protect these documents with passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

These protections include encryption, password protection, and permission controls that allow you ultimate control over your PDFs. You can even restrict printing, copying, and editing capabilities so you can boost your document-level security practices.

UPDF provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to fill out PDF forms effortlessly. With UPDF, it is easy to fill non-fillable forms with editing and comment features like adding text boxes, drawing, adding images, etc. Filling out an interactive fillable form is much easier in UPDF.

Fill out and customize your PDF files to include important information.

Fill out and customize your PDF files to include important information.

Busy individuals who scan physical documents to PDFs will love the OCR feature, which takes the stress out of scanned files. UPDF’s OCR feature supports converting scanned paper documents, images, and PDFs to searchable and editable PDFs with support for more than 38 languages and three output layouts to match your needs.

In short, UPDF brings extreme capabilities to your PDF game through a few key product highlights that include:

  • Cross-platform support – accessible on your favorite devices.
  • AI integrations – AI features for streamlined PDF management.
  • Cost-effective platform – only $29.99 annually or $49.99 lifetime with special discount.
  • Regular product updates – new features and improved security without extra costs.
  • Streamlined user experience – minimalist approach for maximum functionality.

Special discount for AppleInsider readers

UPDF makes a strong case for why an upgraded PDF editor and manager are crucial pieces of equipment. With AI capabilities, cross-platform support, and a host of tools for every occasion, UPDF is your go-to platform for all things PDF-related.

Manage your PDFs from one place on multiple devices and take 63% off in the process.

Manage your PDFs from one place on multiple devices and take 63% off in the process.

UPDF is a cost-effective solution for those looking at more capable PDF managers, and with UPDF’s 63% discount, their platform becomes even more affordable.

AppleInsider fans can take home the ultimate PDF package for only $26.99 annually or opt for a one-time $41.99 lifetime subscription, and readers have the chance to win a prize worth $599 during UPDF’s September event. Desktop versions of UPDF come with AI PDF editing tools.


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