Rumored OLED iPad Pro could come with an incredible amount of storage

Rumors of a 2024 OLED iPad Pro continue to gather pace with the latest being one that suggests buyers won’t be short on storage options.

With Apple’s best iPad now not expected to be refreshed until next year at the earliest, rumors are starting to swirl as to what the new tablet will offer over the one that’s available to buy right now. A new OLED display is at the top of the list while the M2 chip is expected to be replaced by a shiny new M3. But if a new leak is true, there’s another spec that will make people sit up and take note.

If that leak is on the money, the OLED iPad Pro will come with a top-end storage option of double the current model. That’s right, 4TB of storage could come to the iPad Pro next year.

Store all the things

That’s according to Korean blog Naver and user yeux1122 which claims (via machine translation) that “Apple’s new iPad Pro lineup will add a 4-tera option.” That’s apparently based on a supply chain source, although the report stopped short of saying who they are or at which point within that chain they sit.

To put that into perspective the current iPad Pro maxes out at 2TB of storage which is already a lot. The lowest amount of storage currently offered is 128GB, but we can likely expect that to double to 256GB if Apple does add 4TB at the top end. Whether that increase would come with a price hike remains to be seen, but it’s possible given the other improvements the 2024 iPad Pro is expected to offer.

The key change is likely to be the OLED display, offering an improved image in terms of color, brightness, and contrast over the current models. A slight display size increase from 12.9 inches to 13 inches is also touted, although the smaller 11-inch model is expected to stick to that size. The M3 chip will also no doubt improve performance across the board, too.

As for the storage, Apple would likely aim the 4TB model at content creators who need extra space to move huge files around. For everyone else, the money spent on all that storage would be better served picking up the rumored new and updated Magic Keyboard instead.



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