Produce better videos with this self-flying camera drone, on sale for $150

Video makes up over 90 percent of all web traffic, which means there’s a lot of competition out there for views. Want to improve your chances of being seen? Then consider bringing your production values up a notch with an economically priced camera drone — such as this easy-to-pilot AIR NEO Autofly, discounted for a limited time.

The AIR NEO Autofly is an AI-assisted drone that’s about as simple to operate as can be. Just throw it in the air and it’ll do the rest — with zero need to have a controller or smartphone connected. It’ll fly around, give you fantastic views as far as 60 feet away, and then find its way back to you automatically. And since it has a 12MP HD camera on board, it’ll take breathtaking photographs and 1080p video at a smooth rate of 30 FPS.

It’s an ideal tool for all kinds of content creators, whether you’re making a marketing video for a business or just a fun little movie of your vacation (like maybe a highlight reel of your golf trip) to show to friends. And since it’s priced so low — especially this week — it won’t put much of a dent in your wallet.

Get the AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly Camera Drone on sale for just $149.99.


AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly™ Camera Drone – $149.99

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