Procreate Dreams, an iPad animation app for the next generation of creators, launches this November

Procreate, the team behind the popular drawing and painting iPad app of the same name, has announced that it has a new app in the works — and it’s all about giving digital creators a new way to animate.

Procreate is already one of the best creative iPad apps around and its developers are looking to bring that know-how to bear on Procreate Dreams, a new app to allow people to easily create movie-quality animations on the iPad.

They’re going to have to wait a little while to do it, though. Procreate Dreams will ship on November 22. It’ll cost $19.99 once it does, but Procreate says that there will be no subscriptions. Procreate Dreams will be a one-time purchase in a sea of subscription-based options in the animation world.

Built for Apple silicon

(Image credit: Future)

In a press release provided to iMore, Procreate says that “Procreate Dreams is an industry game-changer, promising to unlock the world of animation in a way once thought impossible through accessible, robust, and powerful features.” The press release goes on to say that “Procreate Dreams introduces workflows of unparalleled speed, and tools so intuitive that now anyone can animate.”

The next generation of creators will “simply and spontaneously direct how the animation should feel, with new tools such as Performing, which uses gestures to automatically add keyframes as the tool records the actions. Performing brings work to life before the creator’s eyes in real-time, with no animation experience needed.” And because this new app is built with Apple silicon in mind, creatives won’t be left waiting around when using Apple’s best iPads.

“Procreate Dreams delivers unrivaled performance through exceptional innovation, taking full advantage of Apple silicon,” the press release points out. “Procreate’s next-generation painting and compositing engine supercharges the painting experience, and now creatives can work on raster projects with resolutions up to 1 million by 1 million pixels, and more layers than they’ll ever need.”

As you might expect, Procreate Dreams also supports all of Procreate’s existing brushes, with Apple Pencil support included.

November 22 is still a little while away of course, but this could be one animation tool worth waiting for.



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