Post-Apocalyptic Survival Strategy Game, Endzone 2, Announced

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and internal development team Gentlymad Studio have revealed Endzone 2, the post-apocalyptic, survival strategy, colony sim sequel to 2020’s Endzone – A World Apart. 

The team revealed the game during today’s Opening Night Live stream hosted by Geoff Keighley for Gamescom 2023, with a debut trailer showcasing some of the game’s strategy action. It’s set to hit Steam sometime next spring. In Endzone 2, players must fight to survive in an unforgiving environment while trying to discover habitable grounds and repopulate them with humanity. Like its predecessor, it combines survival action with strategy colony sim gameplay. 

Check out the Endzone 2 announcement trailer for yourself below: 

As you can see, players can freely choose where to begin their journey of exploration and survival on this harsh planet. From there, they can venture off to various locations in search of loot and resources, but they’ll also need to create, manage, and defend their multiple settlements along the way. 

“When players aren’t exploring, they’ll need to build, develop, and expand their settlements and secure economic progress by researching buildings and technologies and refining resources to create optimized production lines to keep up with the size of their growing community,” a press release reads. 

Players will also need to establish trade routes between habitable grounds and traders. The studio says players familiar with Endzone – A World Apart will now be able to enjoy “the challenge of creating and managing multiple settlements and using vehicles to establish trade routes, barter with traders, and go on expeditions.” Endzone 2 also features a complete overhaul of the series’ rendering system, bringing “players a more detailed and visually appealing environment along with new animations,” the press release reads.


Gentlymad Studios is also bringing a new patch to Endzone – A World Apart to bridge the gap between it and Endzone 2. This patch will contain a new side mission, bug fixes, and a decorative new building. The team teases that another surprise may be waiting for players who pay close attention, too. 

Alongside today’s announcement, Assemble Entertainment has revealed it is launching a Kickstarter campaign for the game. 

Endzone 2 is due out on Steam in the spring of 2024. 

Are you excited about Endzone 2? Let us know in the comments below!


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