Pixel 7a leak teases incredible 72-hour battery life

The Pixel 7a seems certain, with a few weeks until Google’s I/O 2023 event. The new budget-friendly Pixel has appeared in several leaks so far. Each new rumor cemented the idea that the Pixel 7a will be the affordable phone to beat this year. It’s essentially a Pixel 7 variant featuring a few palatable specs compromises that will sell for a great price. A price that should only get lower in the coming months. 

The latest Pixel 7a leak delivers Google’s purported marketing materials for the handset. They seem to confirm the phone’s main specs while also indicating that the Pixel 7a should provide 24 hours of battery life. The Pixel 7a’s Extreme Battery Saver will prolong battery life to 72 hours.

The battery claim feels familiar. A Pixel Fold leak suggested a similar battery life behavior for the foldable flagship that Google should also unveil at I/O. Found by MySmartPrice the marketing materials say the Pixel 7a uses Adaptive Battery, or machine learning, to prioritize the apps you use most. 

Extreme Battery Saver will turn off the power-hungry feature and pause most apps. That’s how the phone will reach that 72 hours of battery life. 

Pixel 7a battery life claims from marketing materials leak.Pixel 7a battery life claims from marketing materials leak. Image source: MySmartPrice

The marketing materials also confirm the Pixel 7a design, which leaked more than once. We saw a hands-on Pixel 7a preview a few weeks ago. The handset will look like the Pixel 7 models, complete with the horizontal camera bar on the back.

The Pixel 7a should also feature a glass rear panel, something the materials do not say. But they confirm the Pixel 7a will be the first Pixel A-series phone to offer wireless charging. That implies the phone will feature a glass back. 

Speaking of firsts, the Pixel 7a will also feature a 90Hz display. The Smooth Display will adapt the refresh rate depending on the app, meaning the screen goes as low as 60Hz. This dynamic refresh feature should also help preserve battery life. 

Pixel 7a design, chip, and wireless charger images from marketing materials leak.Pixel 7a design, chip, and wireless charger images from marketing materials leak. Image source: MySmartPrice

Furthermore, the Pixel 7a marketing materials leak confirmed a camera rumor that said the handset would rock a 64-megapixel main camera. According to documents, the new handset will have the “best quality photos ever on an A-Series device.” 

Finally, the marketing materials indicate the Pixel 7a will rock the same Tensor G2 custom processor that powers the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. And that’s a good enough reason to buy the upcoming handset. Add the improved design, camera upgrades, and up to 72 hours of battery life, and the Pixel 7a looks like a no-brainer. 

The materials do not reveal availability information. But we know from previous leaks the Pixel 7a will cost $499 when it comes out next month, with preorders set to start soon after the I/O 2023 event.



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