Ontario’s Apple Square One store to relocate

The existing Apple Square One store in Ontario (source: Apple)

While Apple has yet to announce a relocation of its Square One store in Mississauga, Ontario, building permits reveal that it is moving to a new site in the same complex.

According to iPhoneInCanada, building permits have been issued to Apple by the City of Mississauga’s planning and building department. The documentation specifies “interior alterations – Apple,” but it does not mean that the existing store is being remodelled.

Rather, it is a unit on the second floor of the same 100 City Center Drive, that is being prepared for use by Apple. There are no details of whether the new unit is larger, but it is believed that Apple is relocating to it rather than adding a second or extended store front.

Omers Realty Management Corp and the Oxford Properties Group presented plans to the local council. Reportedly, the estimated cost of the work is CA$950,000 (approximately $696,000).


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