Nvidia RTX 4080 Super graphics card spotted again, hinting it may turn up sooner than expected

Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Super graphics card has been spotted listed in a popular system monitoring tool, ahead of a potential release in the not too distant future (we hope).

The entry for the GeForce RTX 4080 Super was spotted in HWiNFO. The graphics card is listed under the upcoming changes section, as follows: “Added Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super.”

This is another chunky hint that this refreshed RTX 4080 is inbound from Team Green, on top of a good deal of others we’ve seen in recent times.

As Tom’s Hardware reports, it follows another similar sighting of the RTX 4080 Super in a PCI ID repository earlier this week. Also, as you’ve doubtless noticed, a ton of rumors have been swirling about Nvidia’s Super refreshes which are supposedly in the works, with a couple of revamped RTX 4070s expected too.

In theory, the RTX 4080 Super will be joined by an RTX 4070 Super, and an RTX 4070 Ti Super (the latter would be a first for Nvidia, combining both these suffixes in what, in our opinion, is a somewhat confusing naming scheme).

Analysis: Taking on AMD’s RX 7900 big-style – and sooner than we thought?

This is far from concrete evidence that the RTX 4080 Super graphics card is indeed inbound, but as noted, on top of all the other buzz that has abounded in recent times, it is at this point seeming very likely that Nvidia does have Super variants planned.

The likelihood of this happening is also reinforced by the current GPU situation Nvidia finds itself in. Namely the RTX 4080 flopping pretty badly – with terrible sales, in fact, if chatter from retailers is to be believed – and AMD making hay with its RX 7900 models as a result.

Therefore it makes sense that Nvidia will want to change this situation – what’s happened with the RTX 4080 is pretty embarrassing, after all (especially when you remember the ‘unlaunched’ version with 12GB VRAM that made Team Green look pretty foolish). So, in order to compete in the upper mid-range to high-end space, Nvidia does need these spins on the RTX 4080 and 4070, we’d argue.

The latest rumors on the cost front indicate that Nvidia could go for a pricing scheme that’ll really worry AMD, with the possibility of an RTX 4080 Super priced at $999 (the RTX 4080 would be retired effectively in this case, in theory), and RTX 4070 Super at $599. That’s a best-case scenario, mind, and Nvidia hasn’t yet decided on pricing, or even exact specs yet we’re told – but the possibility of going super-competitive (ahem) with the value proposition is apparently alive.

The specs purportedly being up in the air still may hint that these refreshed Lovelace graphics cards are some way off yet, but we have heard buzz around a relatively early 2024 launch – and these Super references cropping up here and there are a tantalizing hint that the products might arrive sooner than expected. Fingers crossed for that, and the best-case scenario pricing to boot, the latter of which could mean these offerings rank high on our best graphics card list.

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