Nvidia RTX 4070 Super benchmark leak suggests this could be the GPU take down AMD’s mid-range champions

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Super graphics card – which should be revealed later today at CES 2024, alongside two other refreshes – has witnessed some performance leaks in the form of benchmarks that suggest it’ll be hot on the heels of the RTX 4070 Ti.

These were highlighted by Benchleaks on X (formerly Twitter) as Wccftech picked up, and as ever, regard any such leaks with an appropriate amount of skepticism. Although at this point, the RTX Super refreshes have a crushing weight of rumors behind them, so it’s certainly believable there are models of these graphics cards out there being tested.

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There are two Geekbench results to consider, one of which shows the RTX 4070 Super scoring 195,384 points in the OpenCL test, and another which sees this card hit 219,237 in the CUDA test.

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That makes the 4070 Super version around 15% to 18% faster than the vanilla RTX 4070. Wccftech draws some other comparisons with these benchmark results, and points out that going by the CUDA test, the incoming 4070 Super is a whisker away from the speed of the existing 4070 Ti (offering 98% of its grunt, which is so close that you won’t notice any difference realistically).

Analysis: Judging the value proposition

We must bear firmly in mind that the big caveat here is that this benchmark is a synthetic test, and not even a gaming one at that. It doesn’t represent real-world performance, and Geekbench is not the first choice for gauging the strength of a graphics card for PC gaming anyway. (That’d be 3DMark for synthetic testing).

So, there are more reasons to be cautious than this just being a leak, but nonetheless, it does give us an initial pre-release barometer of what to expect from the 4070 Super.

We can also compare this leak to recent buzz on the rumor mill that the RTX 4070 Super will be around a 15% uplift compared to the RTX 4070, and these benchmarks appear to back that up.

Overall then, this is a positive sign that the RTX 4070 Super will be a good step forward – and pretty much an equal to the RTX 4070 Ti, give or take. (That GPU is supposedly being scrapped and replaced by the 4070 Ti Super, of course – which will be faster still, maintaining a suitable gap).

Performance is one thing, but pricing is the other key aspect of the new Super refreshes, and we’ve been hearing that in the case of the RTX 4070 Super that Nvidia is set to pitch this GPU at $599 in the US. That’s the current MSRP of the RTX 4070 itself (and it’ll be in line with that elsewhere, naturally). That means the RTX 4070 will drop in price to make sense when compared to the new Super, and supposedly Nvidia is going to shave $50 off the price of the existing graphics card (so it’ll be $549 – quite possibly lower with discounts, though, which may be necessary to make it a bit more attractive compared to the Super).

A fresh rumor (from MEGASizeGPU on X) backs up that previous pricing speculation – which purportedly comes direct from Nvidia in the case of one source – so there’s more weight behind these theoretical price tags (which also peg the RTX 4070 Ti Super at $799 in the US, and the RTX 4080 Super at $999).

The long and short of it is that these latest leaks are very much underlining that Nvidia should be bringing forth some much more compelling offerings in terms of value proposition in the RTX 4070/4080 space. Remember, the current RTX 4070 Ti has an MSRP of $799, so you’ll be able to get very close to that performance with a $599 RTX 4070 Super – in theory (representing an effective price drop of 25%).

Nvidia does need to up its game in this particular upper-mid-range bracket of the GPU battlefield, mind, as AMD is dominating here with its RX 7900 XT and RX 7800 XT in particular. With Nvidia’s special launch event happening later today, grab your popcorn and stay tuned to our CES 2024 coverage as we watch the full spec and pricing details of the Super refreshes unfold.

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