Newly released AirPods Pro 2 firmware release fixes unknown earbuds bugs

Apple has released an updated version of the AirPods Pro 2′s firmware, with both the Lightning and USB-C versions of the earbuds included.

The new update brings all AirPods Pro 2 to firmware version 6A303 and is aimed at the earbuds themselves rather than their Charging Case.

The update means that both the AirPods Pro 2 with Lightning and USB-C connectors have access to the same firmware, whereas previously, those using USB-C AirPods Pro 2 had an older version of the software.

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Regarding what’s new, it isn’t thought that users of either AirPods Pro 2 earbuds will notice any new features with this firmware installed. However, Apple says the changes are designed to deal with existing bugs while improving other aspects of the experience offered to wearers. What that means, we don’t know.

The new firmware release also extend to the USB-C Charging Case, as noted by code-diver aaronp613 on X. The new firmware update specifically targeted the USB-Charging Case, but again, little is known about what that update does.

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The two AirPods Pro 2 models are essentially identical in terms of features beyond different charging connectors. However, the earbuds offered with the USB-C Charging Case do include an updated H2 chip that allows for a 5GHz connection to the Vision Pro headset. That higher bandwidth connection will give Vision Pro headset owners the chance to enjoy wireless lossless audio, we’re told.

As for the new firmware, there’s no way for users to manually force the update. All you can do is make sure that the AirPods Pro 2 are in their charging case and near an iPhone and then wait for the update to take place.

You can check the firmware version of your own AirPods by finding them in the Bluetooth menu of your iPhone’s Settings app and then tapping the “i” icon.



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