My HomeKit Air Purifier has eliminated dust around my toy collection, and made my lungs a whole lot clearer — here’s how to get one with a massive discount

I, just like many who grew up watching cartoons about robots in the early 2000s, have a massive toy collection. I won’t bore you with the details, only that it is extensive, takes up inordinate amounts of space, and has an incredibly annoying habit of getting absolutely smothered in dust. The selection of figures, plastic robots, and starships seems, in fact, to suck dust out of the air from the other side of the world, layering the stuff on top of the various decidedly difficult-to-clean sculpted surfaces, doomed to live there until the heat death of the universe.

I am also asthmatic, so the dust-collecting ability of my collection only serves to make life a little trickier every day. I work in the same room where my collection resides, and so I find myself breathing in all the horrible particles that they collect and subsequently occasionally pump out. Not. Fun.

The fix

I should say that this was a problem, for I have found a solution — and it connects up to my HomeKit system. It’s a HomeKit air purifier, and it cycles the air in my office, filtering out all kinds of horrible particulates, including dust. Now, not only does my precious collection remain relatively dust-free and easy to clean, but my lungs are able to breathe freely, without worrying about any horrible stuff in the air.

I can turn it on and off with my phone, keep an eye on pollutant levels in a handy app, and change the level at which the filtering fan works manually when I know there’s something horrible in the air. It’s been a game changer for me personally, and it could stand to make your house a whole lot safer as well.

Thankfully, there are now a whole host of HomeKit air purifiers that work simillarly and are reduced in the Amazon Big Deal Days sale: Here they all are.

The Purifiers

Any one of these is going to improve the air quality in your room, with filters designed to keep all the gross bits out of your space. That means that not only will there be less dust around, but also harmful pollutants from the outside world that find their way inside your home will be filtered out.

For people with respiratory problems, like asthma, this can be very helpful, as it makes sure that the air in your home is cleaner. For me, for example, my asthma has improved no end by putting a purifier in my office room allowing me to breathe cleaner air where I spend the majority of my time.

The byproduct is that my room is easier to clean, with less dusting needed — which is always a bonus.

Don’t forget about the filter

One of the most important, or arguably the most important part of an air purifier is the filter that sits inside. All of the above options use a carbon filter, which filters particles as small as pollen, which can make those summer and spring months a little nicer for those with allergies.

Those filters do not last forever, however, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a replacement ready for when it does go. Some filters can be washed, extending their life a little — but nothing lasts forever.

This is where you need to be clever and check the air filter that comes in the device. Most will use their own, proprietary filter design, so you’ll have to go to the maker of the purifier to find the correct model. If you’re not completely sure, check with the manufacturer of the purifier.

Your lungs will thank you

As we see air quality in different areas around the US steadily decline, an air purifier could well be a great part of your defensive line against bad air. They’re don’t cost the world, smart ones are useful with their apps and wifi connectivity, and their ability to keep the air clean is helpful for everyone, not just those with breathing problems and allergies.

Like filtered water, filtered air is a wonderful thing to have around the home — particularly where you spend most of your time sleeping, and working. 

They also happen to be good for toy collectors, which is always nice.

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