Move over Wordle, ChatGPT just invented a new puzzle game you can play right now

An entirely new type of Sudoku-esque puzzle game has been created using nothing but the ChatGPT artificial intelligence. You can play is right now, and it is HARD.

Daniel Tate prompted ChatGPT to create Sumplete, with the AI using Tate’s simple prompts to conceptualise and code the playable game. In fact, it seems a stretch to give Tate any credit at all. 

“I first asked ChatGPT for some recommendations for a new puzzle game to play if I enjoyed playing Sudoku,” he says in a blog post. (opens in new tab)

Already familiar with all of these, he asked ChatGPT if it could invent a logic puzzle “similar to Sudoku” that didn’t yet exist. It came up with “labyrinth sudoku” first, and them a couple of more options before settling on “Sum Delete puzzle.” 

When he found a game he liked the look of, Tate simply asked ChatGPT to code the app, and it did! Using HTML and Javascript, the AI created a playable game in just 30 seconds. Tate touched it up with some CSS and then spent the next few hours iterating the game with ChatGPT into a playable version. 

Play the puzzle

You can play the puzzle right now at Sumplete.com. (opens in new tab) It offers a multitude of levels, from 3×3 beginner puzzles all the way up to an excruciating 9×9 “master” level which is exactly as hard as it sounds. 

The game’s concept is simple enough. You have to eliminate numbers from the grid in order to achieve the sum listed at the end of each row and the bottom of each column. A 3×3 grid is simple enough, but even a 4×4 puzzle starts to tease the brain a little. Thankfully, there are buttons for hints and errors, as well as a reveal button if you want to just throw in the towel. I plan to simply use ChatGPT to solve the puzzle, but not sure how I’ll go about that yet. I’m sure ChatGPT knows…

This shows the power of AI like ChatGPT when it comes to coding and app creation, but there are great uses for us mere mortals too. Our very own Daryl Baxter recently replaced Siri on his iPhone with ChatGPT using a simple shortcut.



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