Leak shows Gigabyte motherboards for Intel Arrow Lake CPUs pack some kind of mysterious AI feature

Gigabyte has a bunch of motherboards in the pipeline for Intel’s next-gen Arrow Lake processors, and they come with an unsurprising twist – the inclusion of AI (well, everything has to have AI these days, right?).

The leak of eight Gigabyte Z890 motherboards for Arrow Lake is also telling in that this is another piece of spillage that hints at a launch coming sooner rather than later.

Mind you, we need to be cautious about the source here, as it’s not one we’re familiar with. As Wccftech flagged up, it’s a Persian tech site called Faceit.ir, so add plenty of seasoning, though the details apparently come from a local Gigabyte distributor.

Some of the model names include the Gigabyte Z890 Aorus Xtreme AI TOP and the Z890 Master AI TOP, so we can safely assume that this indicates some AI-related feature. (Especially as there are vanilla versions of these boards without the AI TOP naming scheme).

Maybe the AI TOP motherboards will offer BIOS options to tune the AI acceleration available with desktop Arrow Lake processors? That’s a bit of a leap, but a logical enough one – but there is another possibility.

Prevailing rumors

The alternative possibility is that the motherboards could bring in AI to help fine-tune and tweak your Arrow Lake CPU for all-round performance. Well, what could go wrong with that idea (ahem)?

Anyway, all we can do is speculate right now, and for all we know, this leak could be a fabrication, or the AI name could be some piece of gimmickry from Gigabyte.

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Whatever the case, with all the leaks springing up around Arrow Lake of late, the prevailing rumor winds now seem to be blowing in the direction of an earlier launch than expected for Intel’s next-gen desktop silicon.

We might even see an initial revelation at Computex 2024, perhaps, which happens next month (though that won’t be a launch as such, of course – as the Core Ultra 200 family of processors definitely won’t be arriving until later in 2024).

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