Last chance: Get a Hushed private phone line for just $25 until March 31

It’s difficult to protect your privacy on the web. Which is why, if you value your sanity, a Hushed Private Phone Line makes a lot of sense. And there will never be a better time to get it as they’ve discounted the cost of their lifetime subscription package by over 80% — but only until March 31.

Hushed is a great tool for anyone who does business via the web. With a lifetime subscription, you get a second phone number that you can use for pretty much any purpose, which means you can keep your main phone number reserved for family and close friends while protecting it from unwanted calls.

So, if you’re selling a car on Craigslist, for example, you can post your Hushed number instead of your regular one. Or, if you’re dating, then you can give your Hushed number out to any potential partners. That way, if things go sideways, then it’s far easier to change your Hushed number as opposed to your regular one.

Burner phones aren’t just for criminals and spies. And with Hushed Private Phone Line, which earned a 4.6-star rating through more than 5,000 reviews on the App Store, they’re easier than ever to afford. As this is your last chance, however, to get a lifetime subscription at such an affordable price — just $24.99 until March 31 — we suggest getting it now.


Hushed Private Phone Line: Lifetime Subscription – $24.99

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Prices subject to change.


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