iPhone 15 leaks gather pace as analyst details colors, weights, and production issues

Now that Apple has officially confirmed its September 12 event we know exactly what date the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lineups will be unveiled. Now, one analyst has shared more details about what we can expect when that happens.

Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also detailed some of the production issues that Apple’s best iPhones have had to overcome, including one that might be a bit worrying for anyone who remembers the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note debacle of a few years ago.

There’s also a potential explanation for concerns that the iPhone 15 Pro Max might miss the expected September 22 release date as well, and it’s all Apple’s own doing it seems.

All the pre-launch gossip

Kuo shared the details in a new Medium post, beginning with what’s gone wrong so far. According to him, “the main production issues were with stacked CIS, panels, batteries (expanding when exposed to heat), and titanium frames.”

The stacked CIS refers to the 48-megapixel camera used in the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, but by far the most interesting aspect of that sentence is the battery situation. Nobody wants batteries that expand when they get warm, and that’s the kind of thing that can result in exploding iPhones. Thankfully, we assume at least, Apple has fixed what was going on there.

Kuo goes on to explain that Apple apparently brute-forced the camera issue by just building more of them, while the iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium construction required design changes to get around the issues being experienced. That includes ditching the capacitive buttons as we’d heard previously.

On the positive side, we’re told that the new titanium frame should make Apple’s Pro iPhones lighter than their 2022 stainless steel predecessors. But there is potentially bad news for iPhone 15 Pro Max buyers — Apple started that project last, meaning the “mass production schedule lags behind other models.” Whether that will translate into a later on-sale date, we’ll have to wait and see.

Other tidbits include information on colors that match what we’ve heard before. “The Pro colors may be gray, white, black, and blue,” Kuo says. “The regular colors may be black, pink, yellow, blue, and green.”

With September 12 just a couple of weeks away we won’t have to wait much longer to know for sure.



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