iPhone 15 could have new and improved faster wireless charging powered by Qi2

The iPhone 15 could open up the world of fast wireless charging to all 15W Qi chargers, according to a new rumor from ChargerLAB.

The new Qi2 standard is the next generation of Qi wireless charging that Apple has used in iPhones since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017. Apple would go on to add its proprietary MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12, which limited 15W fast charging to MagSafe-certified chargers.

The next generation of Qi, Qi2, is rumored to use Apple’s MagSafe technology as the basis for its new standard by incorporating magnets into the wireless charging pucks. 

In the article, ChargerLAB says that Qi2 will likely provide faster charging than the current 15W limit found on the best iPhones today. That being said, iPhones lag behind current fast-charging features available on Android phones and would likely be cautious of any charging speed improvements.

Could Apple open up its charging ecosystem?

In the report, ChargerLAB says, “Apple is listed in the newly announced Board of Directors of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), which shows its importance in promoting the Qi2 standard.”

“It also marks that Apple’s accessory ecosystem may be more open in the future, why would we say that? Cause unlike the Apple MFi standard, the Qi2 and PD are both initiated by the industry alliance led by Apple, widely used by Apple, and gradually become the industry standard. The wireless charging industry will also benefit from this, including master control chips, MOSFETs, MLCCs, charging coils, magnets, ferrite sheets, laboratories, factories, brand owners, and dealers.”

This could be really exciting news for the future of iPhone accessories, and while we aren’t going to see the iPhone 15 at WWDC on June 5th, there’s potential that Apple will discuss fast charging and the future of iPhone charging. 

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