iPad Pro Magic Keyboard revamp may bring in aluminum enclosure

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

The revamp of the Magic Keyboard will make the iPad Pro seem even more like a MacBook Pro, a report offers, with a switch to aluminum to the top of the case bringing it more in line with the MacBook design aesthetic.

Apple’s update to the iPad Pro is expected to occur in early 2024, with the switch to OLED being the main talking point. However, Apple is keen to update the Magic Keyboard, a signature accessory for the product line.

As part of the redesign, Gurman claims the top case, namely the area around the keyboard, will use aluminum that matches recent Mac notebooks.

The change will also make the keyboard sturdier compared to previous incarnations, as well bring the entire assembly closer to the MacBook aesthetic in general. The exterior shell of the Magic Keyboard will use the same material as the current model.


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