iPad 10th gen plummets to its lowest price ever

The colorful iPad 10th gen just became a whole lot more tempting, thanks to a $80 discount at Amazon. That brings the iPad down to a $379 price tag, only $50 away from the full price of the iPad 9th gen, the current entry-level model.

At the same time, however, that 9th gen iPad is also reduced to a sub-$300 price point. So which one should you go for, and is the 10th gen worth the $100 premium?

iPad 10th gen and 9th gen — which reduction is worth your time (and money)

The iPad 10th gen, in our eyes, is the way to go here if you can stretch the bank. You’re getting the modern iPad design language in some wicked colors, and it’s a newer device so software updates will keep coming for some time to come.

Having said that, if you want to save a little money and get an iPad that’s going to be ‘just fine’, then the iPad 9th gen is a great option — It might not be supported for as long, but if you just need an iPad to keep the kids quiet on long car journeys or to browse social media then it could be perfect.

As always, it will depend entirely on what you need the iPad for — just remember that you can’t get the iPad 9th gen in any fancy colors, just Space Gray and Silver.

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