Intel’s high-end Core i9-14900KS CPU could launch as early as March

There have been tons of leaks and rumors about the Intel Core i9-14900KS processor traveling around the tech grapevine; now those same rumors may confirm that we’ll have a launch date, one that’s coming up much sooner than you’d think.

The Intel Core i9-14900KS has been tipped for a March 14, 2024 release, according to a rumor reported on by VideoCardz; this follows plenty of leaks regarding the CPU being shipped out to distributors and overclockers. The Core i9-14900KS is expected to be a minor upgrade to the Intel Core i9-14900K, with 24 cores and 32 threads based on 8 P-Core and 16 E-Core configurations, as well as sporting a boosted clock speed of 6.2GHz on two cores.

The previous versions of the processors, the LGA-1700 platform, which includes the 13th-Gen Core series, will slowly be phased out since Intel will be switching over to the LGA-1851 socket. It can be inferred that this card will have a retail price of $739, as the past two releases of the card were priced the same.

This early release date could be bad news

Several points have been previously discussed about the cost of all this speed and performance for the Intel Core i9-14900KS, and it bears repeating that the cost will be power. 

A past leak stated that the processor will use 410W of power, which is a massive amount, especially considering that it’s expected to hit the 6.2GHz boosted clock speed using two cores rather than all eight cores.

And, concerning how much more powerful this chip is, it’s bizarre that the alleged pre-order is so soon. There’s very little build-up for this processor, which is doubly important because generating hype for products just makes sense for generating business and that this is supposed to be the replacement series for the 13th-Gen cards.

To be fair, as convincing as all this conjecture is, it’s still just educated speculation. So until we get official statements or announcements from Intel itself, none of these rumors and reports can be taken for granted. Hopefully, Intel has more sense than to launch the Core i9-14900KS so soon and without any proper fanfare; time will tell, of course. 

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