Instagram chief claims Android is better than iOS, so there

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Falling a little short in the details, Instagram head Adam Mosseri has announced that Android is better than iOS, then dropped the mic and moved on.

There’s no rule that says you have to like iOS or Android, and for all the technical differences, it is ultimately an indefinable personal preference. Unless you’re Adam Mosseri and just plain dislike iOS so much that you want to proclaim it loudly.

YouTuber MKBHD set the ball rolling on Threads by asking for people’s “best tech hot takes.” The idea was that popular comments would rise to the top, and the very top one is now Mosseri’s.

“Android’s now better than iOS,” it reads. In full.

Saying literally not one syllable more, it’s not possible to be absolutely sure whether he’s referring to the entire systems, or just to Threads on them. But the majority of replies have presumed he means the whole of Android beats the whole of iOS.

They aren’t exactly long on details, either, but there’s passion and there’s argument and there are good points on both sides. There is also the usual cat-calling, again on both sides, and the thread has become most of what gives social media such a good name.

There is one key difference between Mosseri and everyone else on the thread, though. He runs Instagram — and he’s got form for disliking Apple devices.

Specifically, he has previously shrugged off the idea of making an iPad version of the Instagram app. He says that iPad users are “still just not a big enough group of people to be a priority.”

Those paltry few million people will just have to keep using the iPhone app on their iPads, then. Mosseri could at least have added “Don’t expect Threads to get an iPadOS app soon, either.”


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