I would be first in line for this AI-created Lord of the Rings movie in the style of Wes Anderson

So many of the AI-focused news headlines lately are about how companies like Google are racing to transform themselves as tools like ChatGPT continue to herald a new era in tech. And then there are people using generative AI purely for entertainment, like the photos you might have seen of the Pope with swagger or Donald Trump getting arrested.

Curious Refuge, which markets itself as the “world’s best place to learn about course creation,” has just released a trailer for a new Lord of the Rings movie that was created using AI. And, best of all, the AI did so in the unique cinematic style of Wes Anderson.

Behold: The Whimsical Fellowship, a story that purports to take viewers to “the quaintest corner of Middle Earth.”

Anderson, who’s best known for films like The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch, has a unique and quirky style of filmmaking that so many of us have grown to love. Using AI, Curious Refuge has brought that style to the story of The Lord of the Rings, to such a degree that I have no doubt the filmmaker himself would even approve of it. This also comes, by the way, just days after Curious Refuge released a similar AI-created trailer, for a new Star Wars movie also in the style of Wes Anderson (which you can check out below).

And while we may need AI to see a new creation from Anderson right now, the director himself is actually about to release his next film very soon. We’re just a month away from Anderson’s comedy Asteroid City, from Focus Features, which hits theaters on June 16th and includes stars like Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, and Tom Hanks.

And speaking of The Lord of the Rings: There’s a lot more content from that franchise coming soon that fans can anticipate. In addition to Season 2 of the Prime Video series The Rings of Power, Warner Bros. Discovery announced in recent days that it’s also planning all-new Lord of the Rings movies in conjunction with New Line Cinema.



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