I lost my luggage, so now I’m buying an AirTag

I had a lovely vacation last week in Berlin, filled with culture, lots of walking, and kebabs. It was awesome – until I lost my luggage coming home.

After flight cancellations led to a new route from Berlin to Edinburgh with a one-hour stopover in Paris, the risk of my baggage getting stuck in Paris was high. So after two days of wearing the same socks, I’m heading to the Apple Store to buy an AirTag for the first time.

As my partner and I checked in our baggage for the return flight home, we watched a guy zip open his 20kg suitcase to throw in an Apple AirTag. My girlfriend turned to me and said, “That’s a great idea. We should do that.” I naively replied, “What’s the point? If it gets lost in transit, we’ll find it soon enough.” As usual, I jumped the gun.

While having an AirTag in our luggage would’ve made little difference, it would’ve made enough difference to make our life that little bit easier and stress-free. So here’s why losing my luggage convinced me to finally buy an AirTag.

Why you should throw an AirTag in your luggage

Let’s take my experience as an example. I got my baggage back two days after landing back in Edinburgh, so why would an AirTag have made any difference? Well, it wouldn’t matter in this scenario, but it would’ve meant that we didn’t have to wait until everyone had left the Baggage Reclaim area to know that our bag wouldn’t be home with us that same evening.

We landed back in Edinburgh at 11 PM, so any time saved would’ve been massively appreciated rather than waiting an extra hour to make sure my underwear, socks, and toothbrush weren’t across the English Channel in the French capital.

Having an AirTag would’ve also eased our minds, knowing for absolute certain that our luggage had missed the flight rather than got on the wrong plane, akin to Home Alone 2. Most of all, however, the pure ease of use that comes with the AirTag made me realize there was no reason not to throw the little white puck into any piece of luggage traveling overseas.

There have been so many negative stories about AirTags since they first released in 2021, including reports of stalking, theft, and other nasties. Yet, this little piece of equipment has so many possibilities for good using Apple’s Find My network. Not only can an AirTag help track your keys or luggage, but it has proven to be a lifesaver for lost dogs, as long as your dog doesn’t swallow the tiny piece of plastic.

After my flying fiasco and losing this particular bag for the second time since owning it, I now think it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a $29 AirTag. Not only are they easy to use, but work with some of the best accessories for Airtags to give you different utilities, such as a  personalized tracking device or even a dog collar.

I almost feel stupid not to have jumped on the AirTag train sooner to make my life easier, especially when it comes to travel. As Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” So if I don’t buy an AirTag and lose my luggage for the third time, then I’m the only one to blame. 

The Apple ecosystem is one of the major selling points of purchasing Apple products, allowing your technology to work together to make your life easier. AirTags are a great addition to that concept and are a simple way to add whatever you frequently lose into the Find My app. After this week, I’ll never fly without one again.



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