How to use snooze and end timers on an iPhone or iPad

Apple has reduced the number of buttons on most iPhones and iPads over time, having them perform double, triple, or more duties. But managing alarms seems to be in a different category.

On an iPhone or iPad with a Home button, you can snooze an alarm that’s going off by pressing the Home button. On other iPhone and iPad models, tap the side or top button. On all models, you can press the volume down button, too. You can also say, “Hey, Siri, snooze alarm.” (There’s also a Snooze button onscreen.)

However, there’s no hands-off or physical button way to stop an alarm. Perhaps Apple worries it would be too easy to fumble with a phone and disable an important alarm where you only wanted to snooze it. You have to unlock your iPhone or iPad or tap the Stop button on the home screen. You can also say, “Hey, Siri, turn off alarm.” Let’s just hope your unconscious mind doesn’t learn how to say that in your sleep.

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