HomePod and HomePod mini are now on sale in this European country

Apple customers in Denmark can now pick up a HomePod 2 or HomePod mini of their very own, with both smart speakers now available for purchase directly from the Apple Store.

The news comes after Apple released both speakers in Singapore for the first time in April 2023, and continues the slow but steady expansion of Apple’s smart speakers.

The HomePod 2 can be picked up for DKK 2,599 while the HomePod mini can be had for DKK 899. Multiple colors are available to choose from with white and space grey offered to HomePod 2 buyers. Those choosing the diminutive HomePod mini can pick from orange, yellow, and blue as well as the classic white and black offerings.

Great sound sounds great

Apple announced the news via a press release on its Danish website (opens in new tab) (Google Translate (opens in new tab)), saying that its “speakers are packed with innovative functions and Siri intelligence, which makes it easy to cope with daily tasks and operate intelligent accessories in the home.”

“Users can create smart home automations using Siri, get notified when an activated smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is detected in the home, check the temperature and humidity in a room, and use Intercom to send a message throughout the house – all hands free.”

The HomePods include support for AirPlay 2 as well as HandOff and you can of course stream music and other audio content from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac right to the speakers with ease. There’s also support for Matter built in, meaning that “HomePod and HomePod mini can be connected to and used to control Matter-compatible accessories, as well as act as essential home hubs that allow users to access their smart home accessories when they are away.”

Still not convinced that a HomePod or HomePod mini is for you? There are plenty of HomePod alternatives on the market many of which will cost you considerably less than Apple’s. 



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