Here’s how Find My Remote in iOS 17 and tvOS 17 will actually work

One of the many features arriving with tvOS 17 later this fall is the new Find My Remote function. Long requested by Apple TV users, this feature will help people locate their Siri Remote (second generation or later) using the iPhone.

Unlike the Apple AirTag or AirPods Pro 2, the Siri Remote doesn’t have the U1 chip, which is an ultrawideband processor that brings spatial awareness of how far/close an object is. This chip is very helpful when you try locating an accessory in your home or even if you lose it in the wild – as it will keep connecting anonymously on every Apple device and share its location regularly.

Image source: Apple Inc.

While people won’t take their Siri Remote in their backpacks, the U1 chip could still have been useful for this feature Apple is introducing with tvOS 17. That said, here’s how the Find My Remote feature will work with tvOS 17 later this fall.

Find My Remote with tvOS 17 is like finding an AirPods 3

It’s important to note that Find My Remote will not only need users to update their iPhones to iOS 17 and the Apple TV to tvOS 17, but, most likely, Apple will release a firmware update to the Siri Remote as well.

While it’s impossible to try this feature during the current beta cycle of tvOS 17 and iOS 17, there’s a workaround to show BGR readers how it will work by making the same tests with AirPods 3.

Find My Remote works like Find My AirPodsImage source: José Adorno for BGR

The third generation of AirPods appears on the Find My app, even though it doesn’t feature the U1 chip. If you lose them in your home, you’ll need to open Find My, tap the AirPods, and then “Find.” After doing that, the iPhone will try to connect with your AirPods using Bluetooth. It will ask you to move around, and once it’s connected, it will say if you are far, near, or right where you left the earbuds.

That said, the Siri Remote will work in the same way. Luckily, the new remote is bulkier than previous iterations, so it will be less likely to go missing on the couch and more likely on a shelve.

BGR will let you know once this feature is available to Apple TV users.




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