GTA Trilogy for iPhone is still in the works — more than a year after console and PC release

Rockstar’s GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition was announced alongside the console ports of the game – which have now been available to play since November 11th, 2021.

The original release date for the mobile version of the series was supposed to be March 31, 2023. That date has obviously passed us by – with little in the way of a reason why.

With many rumors about a GTA 6 coming for the latest consoles, iPhone and iPad users have been waiting to go back to Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas with updated graphics and better controls, but there’s been no word from Rockstar as to when this port would arrive.

However, publisher Take-Two Interactive (opens in new tab) has since included it in its corporate investor’s presentation (opens in new tab), so there seems to be some life to the game yet. Unfortunately, there has been no news of a new release date, with little in the way of when we can expect the game to come to our iPhones.

No release date, but it could still be coming

Just because some bits of information are included in some investor reports doesn’t mean they’re actually going to come out. However, games have been known in the past to be canceled without warning. Hopefully, for this Trilogy, we will hear more soon as to some kind of release date, and we can get the game on our calendars.

Originally released for consoles, the collection gathers together some fan favorites into one, visually improved package. In the collection are Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, some of the original games that launched in the early 2000s. The reconditioned trilogy launched to… tepid reviews, with many commenting on the lack of polish with the graphics, performance hitches, and some oddly re-vamped signage in the game – which held all the hallmarks of early AI art.

The three games are available on iOS 16 without any of the graphical improvements, so you can get a truly old-school experience. If you really want to play the ‘improved’ versions on your best iPhone, it looks like you could be waiting a while longer for the privilege.



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