Gorgeous new Apple Watch bands and iPhone 14 case add a splash of color this spring

Alongside the release of a new, yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, Apple has also released a slew of new colors across its Apple Watch band and iPhone case collections.

Apple often refreshes its colors across various accessory ranges and the yellow iPhone now has some bright accessories to go with it. Want to make sure your phone and your watch are color-coordinated? Apple has your back.

All of the new colors are available to order now, and carry the same asking price as the others. All you have to do is choose the one you like best.

A rainbow of colors

Starting with the iPhone cases, Apple has launched a new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro silicone case in Canary Yellow which is really rather fetching. That’s priced at $49 (opens in new tab) and will look extra gorgeous on that yellow iPhone 14.

Next up are the watch bands, with plenty to choose from.

The always popular Sport Bands are now available in Bright Orange, Olive, and Sky, while the personal favorite Braided Solo Loops come in Bright Orange, Olive, and Purple Fog. Solo Loops now have Canary Yellow, Olive, Purple Fog, and Sprout Green color options to choose from.

You can order a Solo Loop for $49 (opens in new tab), while the Sports Bands cost the same (opens in new tab). Choosing a Braided Solo Loop will cost a little more, but at $99 they’re still stunning (opens in new tab) watch bands.

Unfortunately, there are no dedicated Apple Watch Ultra bands here, but the other bands will work just fine with Apple’s very best Apple Watch.

Fans of Hermes bands can also check out new options (opens in new tab), with prices starting from $319.

Again, all of these new bands and the Canary Yellow case are available to buy starting today and should be landing in stores soon enough. You might want to see some of these Apple Watch bands in the flesh before making a purchase decision.


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