Foxconn loses iPhone 16 Pro Max build job in major change for iPhone production

Traditionally, the iPhone Pro models are made by manufacturing giant Foxconn – and it’ll be doing the same thing with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. There does seem to be some uncertainty on the horizon, however, as WCCFtech reports that the duty of putting iPhones together will be put to a new company – Luxshare.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is the iPhone in question, and its 2024 manufacture looks to be going exclusively to Luxshare rather than Foxconn.

New manufacturer for iPhones

In previous years, Foxconn has received a contract for every single iPhone model – and now that’s seemingly changed with the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Instead, that has been passed over to Luxshare – which will have already got some iPhones under its belt with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max if rumors are to be believed.

The two companies will be sharing duties until the iPhone 16 Pro Max when the pair will make separate models. This is a massive loss for Foxconn, which traditionally made every single model of iPhone with the Pro moniker.

The iPhone 16 series is still some ways off, but there are already some things to note about the as-yet-unannounced model. There could well be bigger screens for both the larger Pro and Pro Max models, while the haptic buttons for volume and mute controls that were supposed to come with the iPhone 15, could make an appearance there instead. New cameras could be coming as well, with the Periscope camera carrying over to the 2024 models.

WWDC is quickly approaching, but it’s unlikely to feature any new iPhone models. But there could well be some news as to the latest version of iOS, iOS 17. Also coming could be the new Apple VR headset, as well as some news about new Macs, such as the 15-inch MacBook Air. Whatever happens in Apple Park though, there are going to be new things announced – although it’d be safe to assume that one of these won’t be the iPhone 16.



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