Elon Musk announces X update he claims FaceTime can’t match

In March, Elon Musk said he was bringing video and audio calls to Twitter. Now, a name change and six months later, Musk is highlighting the unique factors coming to X’s (formerly Twitter) FaceTime rival that he claims Apple’s offering just can’t match.

Taking to X, Musk highlighted a combination of three factors that are “unique” to X: Compatibility across iOS, Android, Mac & PC, No phone number is needed, and the fact that “X is the effective global address book.”

Musk’s statement would imply that X’s user base is the largest on the internet, giving users a new way of reaching out to a “global address book.” While X’s user base is vast, at around 400 million users, it doesn’t quite reach the size of other social networks like Instagram, with over one billion users, for example.

It’s a hyperbolic claim from Musk, but this is what we’ve come to expect since his purchase of Twitter last year. Musk thinks video & audio calls on X will be a game-changer for the social network, but we’ll have to wait for the feature to launch to see its potential.

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Video & audio calls, so what? — iMore’s take

Elon Musk wants X to be the go-to place for your video & audio calls, displacing FaceTime and WhatsApp as the best options for calling your loved ones. Personally, this has absolutely no appeal to me, and the lack of need for a phone number to make a call makes the whole service a little uncomfortable.

Like most things Musk does, there’s a lack of information to explain how and why choices are being made. Earlier this month, Musk claimed that he wanted to remove the ability to block from X, and if that were to happen alongside the ability to make phone calls to other users without a phone number, then X would be a breeding ground for spam calls.

More options in tech are always a good thing, but whether or not Musk is wasting everyone’s time with more desultory promises is anyone’s guess.



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