Don’t bellow, you can still dress up your iPhone 14 Pro in yellow

If you like the new yellow color for the iPhone 14 but want an iPhone 14 Pro, you’re out of luck. While Apple offered the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max in Alpine Green last year alongside the green iPhone 13, there’s no such alternate color this year.

But Apple didn’t completely forget about iPhone 14 Pro users. Alongside the yellow iPhone 14, Apple released four new silicon cases for $49 in an array of colors: Olive Green, Sky Blue, and Iris Purple, along with Canary Yellow. Based on the picture on Apple’s website, the shade matches the new iPhone 14 perfectly.

In addition to the new cases, Apple also released several Apple Watch bands in new spring colors, including the Solo Loop in Sprout Green, Olive, Purple Fog, and, of course, Canary Yellow; the Sport Band in Sky Blue, Bright Orange, and Olive; and the Braided Solo Loop in Bright Orange, Olive, and Purple Fog.

There are also new Hermès Casaque and Hermès Swift Leather bands that range in price from $319 up to a whopping $599 for a Swift Leather Casaque Double Tour band.


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