Deep fake AI services on Telegram pose risk for elections

Deep fake technology distributed through the messaging service Telegram and other platforms are likely to unleash a torrent of AI-generated disinformation as 3 billion people gear up to vote in elections across the world over the next two years. Security analysts have identified over 400 messaging channels promoting deep fake services on the Telegram Messenger App, ranging from automated bots that help users create deep fake videos to individuals offering to create bespoke fake videos. More than 3,000 repositories of deep fake technology have also been identified  on the largest web-based platform for hosting code and collaborative projects, GitHub, according to research by security company Check Point. Check Point’s chief technologist, Oded Vanunu told Computer Weekly, “This is a time to raise the flag and say there are going to be billions of people voting in elections and there is a huge deep fake infrastructure and its growing and growing”.


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