Clipboard manager Maccy will turbocharge your cut and pasting

Only being able to cut and paste a single piece of text or image at one time when working on a Mac can regularly feel like a hindrance to your workflow, particularly if you’re a coder or copy editor.

The good news is that help is at hand in the form of clipboard managers – apps or plugins that offer a much larger buffer for what you can copy, while also keeping a history of your clippings.

One of the best examples currently out there is Maccy, a minimalistic, open-source app that’s as snappy to use as its name.

Once running, Maccy keeps a list of what you copy at hand, letting you quickly navigate, search, and use previous clipboard contents via a simplistic window that uses native macOS UI.  

Fuss-free and security conscious

Clipped items can be pinned at the top of the history list, while each item is designated a keyboard shortcut for superfast pasting without having to reach for your mouse.

Its ease of use is its clear strong point, but there are plenty of configuration options for those who wish to tailor it to their needs further, including options for clipboard history amount and preview size, For those who wish to delve even deeper, Maccy’s full source code is available at GitHub, meaning you can inspect or change the app and further tweak it to your needs. 

It’s also security conscious – all the data is stored on your computer and never leaves it, while the app is also aware of password manager usage and won’t log them in its history. Maccy also allows ignore lists to be set up to prevent passwords from being stored, and there’s an option to clear your history on exiting the program.

The App Store is awash with plenty of clipboard managers, with many options offered for free, but Maccy wins our vote for its speed, security, and no-fuss, distraction-free approach.



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