Best iPhone 15 Pro cases

You’re a Pro user, so it’s an exciting time: iPhone 15 Pro is here at last! Titanium makes it stronger and lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro, but the back is still partly made of glass — so picking out one of the best iPhone 15 Pro cases is still going to be important for protecting your phone. And we’ve already found some great choices!

There’s lots of high-tech advances in this year’s Pro model that you’ll want to defend from bumps and scrape. The Action button replaces the Ring/Silent switch. An A17 chip makes this Apple’s most powerful chip yet. The new USB-C  port allows for faster data transfers and charging speeds. Of course, the camera system is why many of us choose Pro models, and this one has the equivalent of seven lenses included! 

You’ll want to protect your investment from the very first day, so be sure to order your case even before the phone arrives. Here are our favorite iPhone 15 Pro cases available so far.

Quick List

Best for Apple lovers

1. iPhone 15 Pro FineWoven Case with MagSafe

Leather no more

Apple has replaced its leather case lineup with a brand new faux leather they call FineWoven. Get Apple quality in a case engineered to suit the iPhone 15 Pro to perfection. While the silicone and clear cases have been updated for the iPhone 15 lineup, the FineWoven with MagSafe is the one to get.

Best lightweight rugged model

2. UAG Pathfinder case with MagSafe

Tough and cool

Get fantastic protection and very cool looks with this winner from Urban Armor Gear. We reviewed a similar UAG Pathfinder case on a previous iPhone and loved how well it protects despite being surprisingly lightweight. This MagSafe compatible phone case offers 18-foot drop protection.

Best for leather fans

3. Nomad Modern Leather Folio

Wallet and case

Leave the wallet at home, this gorgeous leather case holds three cards plus your paper cash. With eight foot drop protection, your iPhone 15 Pro is safe and cozy inside this elegant American Horween leather case.


4. totallee Thin iPhone 15 Pro Case

Totally the thinnest

If you’re looking for a case that won’t add any bulk or heft to your iPhone 15 Pro, look no further. As we pointed out in a review of an earlier totallee Thin iPhone Case, it’s so thin that it’s primarily just for scratch protection.


5. Case-Mate iPhone 15 Pro Case with MagSafe

Cute and protective

Who says protection has to be boring? Not me. This cute case comes in lots of trendy styles. And yet, as we pointed out in a review of an earlier Case-Mate case, it offers 12-foot drop protection. 

Best grippy case

6. Incipio Grip for MagSafe iPhone 15 Pro

Clear choice

We reviewed a previous Incipio Grip for MagSafe case and we loved how the grips on the edges of the case help prevent drops in the first place. But just in case, it’s drop-tested to 14 feet.

Q & A

Do I really need a case for my iPhone 15 Pro?

You can always trust iMore. Our team of Apple experts have years of experience testing all kinds of tech and gadgets, so you can be sure our recommendations and criticisms are accurate and helpful. Find out more about how we test.

Hopefully you’re getting AppleCare+, but still, spending the day at the Apple Store for a repair (not to mention the deductible) isn’t my idea of fun. We still recommend getting a case for life’s little bumps in the road.

Will my old case fit the iPhone 15 Pro?

No, it will not. The iPhone 15 Pro has contoured edges, so it’s a different shape than the iPhone 14 Pro and earlier models. Also, its new Action Button means cases will have to be shaped to support the added feature on the side, too, whereas many older cases just left a cutaway for the now-departed Mute switch.

Which case should I get for the iPhone 15 Pro?

We’re quite intrigued by the new faux leather design from Apple, given its environmentally friendly credentials. You can bet that any Apple case will fit the iPhone perfectly; it’s designed by Apple engineers after all. Apple cases tend to strike the right balance between bulk and protection so they won’t weigh down your iPhone either. But any of the choices here should do a great job of keeping your iPhone 15 Pro almost box fresh.



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