Best HomePod deals

If you’re on the hunt for a bargain on Apple’s HomePod or HomePod mini we are here to help.

The bad news is that HomePod deals tend to be scarce, but we have rounded up the best available right here.

See: HomePod vs HomePod mini to see how the two models compare. We’ve also looked at a selection of the best AirPlay speakers and you may also be interested in our round up of the best AirPods deals.

Best HomePod deals

In January 2023 Apple reintroduced the full-sized HomePod. This came almost two years after the full-sized HomePod was discontinued, in March 2021. The new second generation HomePod is 4mm shorter than its predecessor and lighter, but there’s not a lot else that’s different.

The HomePod (2nd gen) then went on sale on Friday, February 3, 2023. You can order one from Apple for $299/£299, or try one of the stockists in the table below who might be offering a discount on Apple’s price.

HomePod (2nd gen), MSRP: $299/£299

If anyone is discounting it you will see the prices below.

Best HomePod mini deals

The HomePod mini was introduced in autumn 2020 with an MSRP of $99/£99: an appealing price that is within reach for the average budget. (The price dropped, briefly, by a further £10 in the U.K. when a new range of colours were announced on 18 October 2021, however, the price in the U.K is now back up to £99). Apple’s price at time of writing is $99/£99.

It’s certainly more budget-friendly than the standard HomePod, which was priced at $299/£279 before Apple discontinued it in March 2021 the second generation of which now costs $299/£299. The catch is that the low price of the HomePod mini means deals are rare.

In the U.S. over Black Friday 2022 we saw Best Buy discounting the HomePod mini by $5, but there are no such discounts now.

One place you won’t find the HomePod or HomePod mini is Amazon, of course there are plenty of deals to be had on Amazon’s Echo speakers.

HomePod mini, MSRP $99/£99,

if anyone is discounting it you will see the prices below.


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