Best final Prime Day iPhone deals

Amazon’s next big “Prime Day” sale is here! It runs October 10-11 and could be a good time to find a deal on iPhones or iPhone accessories on the site.

If you’re in the U.S. the deals don’t tend to be as good as on other sites. The latest iPhones are rarely discounted anywhere in the U.S., with most sales going to older or refurbished models. Amazon isn’t usually the best place to buy a new iPhone in the U.S. as Amazon’s new iPhones are carrier-locked to Boost Infinite, a relatively new carrier owned by Dish. Amazon’s deal for iPhone 15 models is identical to the Boost Infinite site: $60/month gets you a “free” iPhone 15 Pro with no trade-in required, paid for in bill credits over 3 years with an option to upgrade (and start the cycle over) every year.

In the U.K., though, you can find the latest iPhones unlocked at Amazon and at other resellers. Supplies can be limited, and there are usually only small discounts for the newest handsets, but you might see some good deals on the older iPhone models such as the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus and the iPhone SE. You can see current deals on various iPhones below.

In order to take advantage of the Prime Day deals, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member. Amazon Prime costs $14.99 / £8.99 / AUD$6.99 on a monthly basis, (but can be cancelled after 30 days) and gives you two-day free delivery and access to Prime Video.

Prime Day: Best iPhone accessory deals

While Amazon doesn’t sell the latest iPhone 15 in the U.S., Prime Day can be a great time to get iPhone accessories. Here are the best sales we’re tracking.

Prime Day: Best iPhone 15 deals

In the U.S., Amazon sells the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro with Boost Infinite for three years. It’s not a bad deal—you’ll get up to $1,000 off whichever model you choose without needing an old device to trade in and will be able to upgrade to a newer model after 12 months of service. Plans cost $60 per line for unlimited talk, text, and data on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. However, there are no additional savings for Prime Day.

At the time of writing, iPhone 15 deals are scarce on Amazon U.K. Several models are completely unavailable, as you can see below, and the rest are being offered at RRP. You can get an overview of the 15-series range on the site’s Apple front page, and it’s worth checking regularly in case discounts appear.

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 15 Plus deals

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 15 Pro deals

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 15 Pro Max deals

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 14 deals

In Amazon’s October 2022 sale, when the 14-series handsets were new, we didn’t see any iPhone 14 discounts at all. Things may well be different this year, although at time of writing Amazon is merely matching the price cuts Apple announced when it launched the iPhone 15.

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 14 Plus deals

This is the larger-screen, larger-battery version of the iPhone 14. Last October we didn’t see any discounts here either; it remains to be seen whether Amazon will be prepared to beyond Apple’s recent price cuts, which are reflected in the RRPs below.

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 14 Pro deals

The Pro model adds an always-on 120Hz ProMotion display, an improved 48MP camera, LiDAR, and the new Dynamic Island interface. But it costs a lot more. Note that the 14 Pro has been discontinued, so the RRPs listed below are from when it launched in 2022; you should be looking to pay well below those numbers.

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 14 Pro Max deals

Identical to the iPhone 14 Pro, only larger. The larger battery size makes this a very, very long-lasting iPhone.

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone SE deals

For those on a budget, or who just really want Touch ID instead of Face ID, there’s the iPhone SE from 2022. It’s as fast as the iPhone 14, but with an older design that has huge bezels, and a more limited camera.

Amazon U.K.:

Prime Day: Best iPhone 13 deals

2021’s “standard” iPhone continues to offer a solid combination of features, performance, and battery life at a reduced price. But like most of Apple’s iPhone range, the 13 got a price cut in fall 2023, so make sure you’re comparing Amazon’s offering with the current RRP.

Amazon U.K.:

If you don’t mind shopping elsewhere, here are the best prices for the iPhone 13 from a range of retailers:





iPhone 13 128GB – Midnight – Unlocked


iPhone 13 128GB – Starlight – Unlocked


iPhone 13 128GB – Pink – Unlocked


iPhone 13 128GB – Midnight – Unlocked


Prime Day: How can I get the best iPhone deals?

The Amazon Prime Day Sale is only open to Prime members, so you’ll need to sign in with an active membership to purchase one of the deals. Prime memberships cost $139 / £95 / AUD$59 annually, or $14.99 / £8.99 / AUD$6.99 on a monthly basis. New users can sign up for a 30-day free trial that can be canceled at any time during the trial window. You’ll also get free one or two-day delivery and access to Amazon Prime Video and all that content.

One tip if you are looking for a good deal is to check that the product discounted isn’t a refurbished model, as that can make the price look a lot better than it is.

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