Apple’s Reality Pro headset might cost a lot less than $3,000

If there’s one persistent rumor about Apple’s upcoming AR headset, it’s the price tag. Ever since we started hearing about it, reports have pegged the MSRP at $3,000 or higher, which would make it one of the most expensive non-Mac devices in Apple’s history. However, a new report suggests that the actual price might be significantly lower than that.

As reported by XRDailyNews, Apple’s headset will cost approximately $1,500 to manufacture, which includes several high-end components that are more than $150 each. The total cost was corroborated by multiple supply-chain sources in China, though the site notes that some terms “might not directly correspond to their conventional meanings.”

  • Dual M2 processors: $120-$140
  • Two micro OLED screens: $280-$320
  • 14 cameras: $160
  • Optical-mechanical lens system and assembly: $70-$80
  • Rearview mirror: $13-$15
  • Pupillary distance adjustment module: $30-$35
  • 3D sensor part: $80-$90
  • Metal middle frame: $95
  • Appearance parts: $15-$20
  • External battery pack: $22-$25
  • Microphone: $21-$22
  • Speakers: $16-$18
  • PCB+FPC: $40-$45
  • Storage: $40-$45
  • WiFi/Bluetooth/etc.: $60-$70
  • Cooling module: $70
  • Auxiliary accessories: $30-$40

Add it all up and you’ve got a total of around $1,500. Of course, the bill of material doesn’t represent the entire cost, which also includes production, shipping, distribution, and other factors, but it shows that the AR headset will be a very high-end device. By comparison, the manufacturing cost of the Meta Quest 2 is reportedly around $750.

So let’s do some math. The iPhone 14 Pro Max costs Apple roughly $475 to make and sells for $1,100. Assuming a 40 percent gross margin, there are about $185 in added costs, which shouldn’t be much higher for the headset. But even if we tack on $250 per unit, that brings the total price to $1,750. If you factor in Apple’s 40 percent gross margins, that would bring the MSRP to right around $3,000.

But a Bloomberg report this week claims Apple could sell the headset “at cost” and has even considered selling it at a loss to generate sales. That means the headset could come in as low as $1,999, which would practically seem like a bargain compared to the rumors of a $2,999 price tag.

We should know in just a matter of weeks. The WWDC keynote kicks off on June 5, just two weeks from Monday.


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