Apple’s Reality Pro AR/VR headset will be a ‘huge deal’ according to one man who really should know

All the hype right now is about a product that Apple hasn’t even announced, the Reality Pro AR/VR headset. That’s expected to change in the next few weeks but it seems like one expert has already seen what Apple has in store.

Palmer Luckey is the founder of Oculus, the VR company that was later bought by Facebook. Luckey appears to have seen an unfinished version of Reality Pro, and he seems to have liked what he saw.

According to him, there’s a lot to look forward to come WWDC23 and June 5.

‘So good’

Luckey took to Twitter to say confirm that “the Apple headset is so good,” but stopped short of giving away too many details. However, as Road To VR (opens in new tab) notes, he’d already spilled the beans in a May 4 interview via a Twitter Space (opens in new tab).

In that interview, Luckey gave a few more details about what he’s seen and expects from the new headset.

“The Apple headset is very, very good,” Luckey said in the Spaces interview. “I’ve not seen the final headset, but I have seen an earlier version of the headset and it is excellent.”

Luckey went on to say that the headset “is going to be a huge deal,” noting that “it is going to be expensive” before adding that Apple is going “to make VR into something everybody wants before it’s something that everybody can afford.” That’s a strategy that Luckey believes to be “pretty smart.”

Reality Pro is expected to be announced during WWDC next month but is unlikely to go on sale until later in 2023. That time should allow developers to get their apps ready for the big release to the public, just as Apple did with the Apple Watch so many years ago.

Will Reality Pro become the best VR headset you can buy? At an expected $3,000, it ought to be.



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