Apple’s October iPad Air refresh may be press release-based

Fourth-gen iPad Air in green and fifth-gen iPad Air in blue

Apple’s iPhone 15 special event will probably not include any iPads at all during the presentation, Mark Gurman says, with updates to the iPad Air potentially coming in October instead.

The “Wonderlust” event on Tuesday will see the annual launch of Apple’s latest iPhone models, the iPhone 15, along with other products. However, it’s now claimed that the other items Apple will reveal won’t include iPads.

The iPad Air is viewed by Gurman as a good candidate for launch, but he offers few concrete details during the conversation. Gurman believes an updated model with better specifications is on the way and “coming soonish.”

The October refresh may not actually be event-based, Gurman continues, and he is skeptical that another presentation will be held for other product categories this year. In theory, Gurman proposes that it could be a quieter press release-based introduction for the new models.


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