Apple’s excellent dual-port USB-C charger is finally priced right for Prime Day

Most people who own Apple devices know to buy accessories from someone else. It’s not that they’re all bad—but you can usually get something comparable for way cheaper. But today’s Prime Day deal is worth consideration: Amazon is selling Apple’s Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter for $45, a savings of $15 and the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

This power adapter has a pair of USB-C ports and a compact design with folding prongs. It aims the ports downward, which is nice for keeping cords neater. Either port can deliver 35 watts of juice to your device, and it has enough power to fast charge an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. In our testing, charging an iPhone with a MacBook Air split an even 17.5W between both, and it’s smart enough to send more juice to devices that need it (like an iPhone over an Apple Watch), reaching up to 27.5W. Apple recommends this charger for use with the MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods, and its versatility makes it a real winner.

There are plenty of other cheaper power adapters that offer the same ports and wattage, but many of them aren’t built to last. Even with 24 percent off, you’ll be paying a bit more, but you’ll be getting a great charger that’s built to last.  


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