Apple Watch Series 9: Where to preorder

The Apple event is over, and alongside the new iPhone 15 models, we now know what the new Apple Watch models are going to look like. The flagship is the Apple Watch Series 9, with its multitude of new updates and features. All we need to know now is where, when, and how to preorder one.

We do at least have a release date for the newest Apple Watch — it’s September 22. Then we’ll be able to get our hands on the watch; or the straps around our wrists, as it were. 

The Apple Watch Series 9 isn’t the biggest update we’ve seen on the Apple Watch front and there’s a huge number of new features on offer. We are saying farewell to leather straps, however, and getting some new, slightly different ones instead. watchOS – is the newest thing here, with loads of new features over the previous option, some of which only work with this new watch.

Preordering Apple Watch Series 9: What you need to know

Release Date: September 22

Colors: Aluminum: Starlight, Midnight, Silver, PRODUCT(RED), Pink
             Stainless steel: Gold, Silver, Graphite

Price: GPS: From $379
           Cellular: From $499

If you want an Apple Watch Series 9, there are a couple of things you need to think about first — do you want the cellular option or the GPS version, for starters. The GPS version is the one to go for if you want to save money and don’t mind if you have to have your phone on you at all times. It’s the cheaper option too but doesn’t boast the connectivity options of the more expensive cellular model. That will cost you more, but you’ll also be able to leave your phone at home while you go out and about, so it’s perfect for cyclists and runners.

Then you need to work out how to pay for it. If you’re going for the GPS model, then you’ll only be able to pay for it in one way — upfront. For the cellular model, however, there are a couple of options.

The first is the same as the GPS model — buy it at a store, in one big sum. You’ll need to find a separate data plan if you go this route, but it will keep that monthly bill down. The other option is to head to a data carrier like Verizon and get one with a monthly contract there. That will make payment a little more manageable, as the cost is distributed out in smaller costs over the course of the contract. You can also find more deals this way — especially if you’re preordering with a new iPhone.

Retail Apple Watch Series 9 preorders

Don’t want a monthly bill for your Apple Watch? Preorder one from one of these retailers and pay for it all in one go.

Contract Apple Watch Series 9 preorders

This option is only available on the Cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 9, but it will mean you spread the cost out and pay for the data plan that you’ll need all at the same time.

Preorder Q&A

Can I trade in my old watch?

You can, but in the case of an Apple Watch, it’s not going to save you much. It is good for recycling the watch, however, so you’ll know that the watch is going to be either refurbished or stripped for parts.

Trading in an iPhone, however, is a great idea, and you should definitely consider it. In fact, some of the best deals we’ve ever seen have come from iPhone trade-ins, where you get a brand new iPhone for free when you trade in. That could well leave you with more money to buy an Apple Watch or even an iPad. While it might not happen again this year, with any luck we’ll see something similar with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 9 and iPhone 15 family.

How does a contract Apple Watch work?

It’s technically a loan — you borrow the money necessary to purchase the watch and pay it back alongside your data plan. A data plan that your watch will require, if you go the Cellular route, as the watch needs a connection to the 5G network so that it can function when your phone isn’t around. You will need to pay for this data plan separately, and some carriers require that your watch’s data plan be connected to your phone. Some use separate plans, and give your watch a different number to your iPhone. In this case, the iPhone uses some clever trickery to reroute calls and messages from the phone to the watch.

Why should you preorder?

Preordering means you’re going to get the device as sson as it is released, with little delay in shipping. It’s a no brainer if you where already thinking of grabbing one on release, as you won’t be paying anymore if you preorder, and you’ll make sure any potential stock issues won’t affect your purchase.

Apple Watch Series 9 Q&A

Cellular and GPS; what is the difference?

We’ve been over it a little, but it’s worth looking at the differences in a little more detail. A GPS watch connects to your iPhone and requires it to be nearby at all times so that it can get fed all of your calls, texts, notifications, and data so that apps like Spotify will work on the go. It will still work as a watch on the go, and some apps allow you to save certain elements so that you can use them offline, but for the full Apple Watch experience you need an iPhone nearby.

The Cellular version allows you to use your Apple Watch and all its Apple Watch features while you’re out and about without your iPhone nearby. That means that it’s perfect for runners, cyclists, and other fitness enthusiasts, as you don’t need to find someplace to put your phone in your exercise clothes. It’s covered with a bevy of different fitness-based sensors as well, so you can track loads of different fitness variables and stats for the Apple Fitness app and other health applications.

What colors is the Apple Watch Series 9 available in?

You can get the Apple Watch Series 9 in either stainless steel or aluminum, with different colors in each. There is Starlight, Midnight, Silver, PRODUCT(RED), Pink in the Aluminum material, and then Gold, Silver, Graphite in the stainless steel option.

How much is the Apple Watch Series 9?

The Apple Watch Series 9 is available from $399 for the GPS version, and from $499 for the Cellular version. Bigger-screened watches cost more.

What sizes is the Apple Watch Series 9 available in?

This year, the Series 9 is available in 41mm and 45mm options. The larger of the two is designed for smaller wrists but also costs more than the 41mm version. To get the cheapest Apple Watch, a 41mm GPS model is the way to go.



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