Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts pairing process and other details revealed

Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts

A code sleuth has found new details about how Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts will need to be set up and paired, and the process is a little involved.

These prompts were provided by the X user in no particular order in a thread. It seems some have to do with the initial pairing process, while others may hint at user switching and changing out Optical Inserts.

Whatever the case, Apple Vision Pro obviously needs to know exactly what Optical Inserts are being used in order to calibrate properly. Just like setting up a VR headset for different users, it won’t be as simple as taking the headset off one person and putting it on another.

User @M1Astra has posted a few other threads about discovered code referencing Apple Vision Pro, like how the headset is intended for users over the age of 13. Another set of snippets discusses how Spatial Persona is in beta, which means it may not make it to the initial visionOS release.


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