Apple updates its Developer app to get it ready for WWDC 2023

As is the tradition every year, Apple has updated its Developer app for WWDC 2023, which brings bug fixes, a schedule for this year’s event, and stickers.

For those unaware, the Developer app is a useful way for attendees and watchers to keep track of the events and talks that will be held throughout the week from June 5. It’s a great way of bookmarking some events if you’re a developer.

But, with this being maintained by Apple, it also comes with fun Stickers for iMessage, so you can send some random WWDC images to friends and family if you so wish.

However, with rumors that a VR headset is about to be unveiled at this year’s event, users have been scrawling the app to see if there have been any hints about this.

WWDC 2023 prep has begun

(Image credit: iMore)

When you go to the ‘Browse’ tab, it’s still full of sessions from WWDC 2022, so there’s nothing to decipher just yet. But these videos are still a good watch, especially the ‘Accessibility & Inclusion’ section, which gives you great insight into how the category can be implemented into games, the keyboard, and more.

In the ‘WWDC’ tab, you get the times for this year’s keynote, which could be stretching to three hours. In years past, these have usually gone on as much as an hour and a half, so the fact that the keynote starts at 10 am PT followed by Apple’s State of the Union at 1:30 pm PT means we could be in for a long watch.

Apple will most likely announce iOS 17, macOS 14, and the rumored VR headset all in one go. But you can be sure that we’ll be covering it all on the day, and some of us will be in the iMore Forums to see what your reactions are to the announcements.



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