Apple releases firmware for AirPods, Beats, and the MagSafe charger

Apple has issued firmware updates for eight different devices today, and you can’t even really take care of it yourself. Multiple AirPods and Beats models are getting firmware updates, along with, oddly enough, the official Apple MagSafe charger.

The full list of products and their new firmware numbers are as follows:

  • AirPods 2nd-gen: 5E135
  • AirPods 3rd-gen: 5E135
  • AirPods Pro 1st-gen: 5E135
  • AirPods Pro 2nd-gen: 5E135
  • AirPods Max: 5E135
  • PowerBeats Pro: 5B66
  • Beats Fit Pro: 5B66
  • MagSafe Charger:

What do these firmware updates do? Nobody really knows! Apple never says. The company maintains a support document for AirPods firmware updates but every update only says it provides “Bug fixes and other improvements,” with very few exceptions.

What’s worse, it’s not possible to actually update the firmware yourself. Firmware updates are delivered when your AirPods are charging and within range of a paired iPhone, iPad, or Mac that is connected to the Wi-Fi. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes days, and there’s no way to force it.

To check the firmware version of your AirPods or Beats products, go to Settings > Bluetooth, then tap the Info button (i) next to the name of your AirPods. Scroll down to the About section to find the firmware version.

To check the firmware of your MagSafe charger, have it plugged into a power supply and attached to your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > About > Apple MagSafe Charger and look for the firmware version. The MagSafe charger updates its firmware when connected to a power adapter and an iPhone that is connected to Wi-Fi.

Firmware updates for AirPods are not uncommon, and it would probably behoove Apple to provide for a way to force them–even if just by long-pressing the firmware revision number in Settings.


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