Apple could’ve offered different colors of MagSafe Charger


Apple considered introducing colored versions of its MagSafe Charger, with an image of a golden prototype surfacing to show what a non-silver version would’ve looked like.

While the main product lines Apple produces are typically offered in a few color variants, the accessories and cables that ship with them don’t tend to vary far from a few basic options. In the case of the MagSafe Charger, Apple did at least think about offering a few alternatives to the standard edition.

In images released by Apple product collector “@KosutamiSan” on Twitter on Saturday, a prototype MagSafe Charger existed in a colored version. Rather than the silver-colored surround and white cable, the edition pictured has a golden surround and a similarly-hued cable. ‘

The tweet adds that the idea would’ve resulted in a lineup similar to the MagSafe MacBook Charging Cable, “but with more saturation.” If true, this could’ve meant there were even more color options possible for the accessory, beyond the unreleased gold or released silver.

It was also allegedly tried out on an unreleased Magic Charger.

While the language of the post paints the objects as prototypes that Apple seemingly gave up on producing for some reason. However, there’s always a chance that Apple could reconsider and offer similar accessories in the future that embrace the concept.


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