Apple and Broadcom sign deal that will power your iPhone 16 next year – and beyond

In a press release launched this afternoon in the Apple Newsroom, Apple has announced that it’s signed a deal with telecoms manufacturer Broadcom that will see its 5G equipment powering iPhones for years to come. There’s no actual amount given to the deal – but Apple says it’s worth ‘billions of dollars.’

Tim Cook himself comments during the press release: “We’re thrilled to make commitments that harness the ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit of American manufacturing,” continuing, “All of Apple’s products depend on technology engineered and built here in the United States, and we’ll continue to deepen our investments in the U.S. economy because we have an unshakable belief in America’s future.”

Bringing manufacturing back to the US?

This move sees Apple move more of its component reliance to the US – where it needs to invest in more business so that it can reach its $430 billion target over the next five years. As such, Apple says that it now supports more than 2.7 million jobs through direct employment, “developer jobs in the thriving iOS app economy, and spending with more than 9,000 U.S. suppliers and manufacturers.”

What does that mean for your iPhone 16 when it comes out in 2024? Not much on your end – but you’ll know that the 5G circuitry and antennas came from the US. What it does tell us is that this is further pulling Apple out of using the products of foreign markets. Currently, Apple uses 5G equipment from Taiwan Semiconductor, a company that is, obviously based in Taiwan – a country that is potentially at risk from China.

Apple has been moving production out of China with a number of its devices, with some products moving to India and other countries. This press release just moves another component from one country to another – albeit one a little closer to home.



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