AMD RX 7600 XT GPU could be out in less than a month – and might spell trouble for Nvidia

AMD’s RX 7600 XT graphics card – or maybe a vanilla RX 7600 (we’ll come back to that point) – is set to hit shelves on May 25, if the latest rumor is right.

Previous chatter on the grapevine was suggesting that AMD was planning to reveal the RX 7600 XT – supposedly the next GPU in line for release in the RDNA 3 range – at Computex, which doesn’t kick off until May 30.

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However, as VideoCardz (opens in new tab) reports, according to Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID), a well-known YouTube leaker, AMD is putting the 7600 XT wheels in motion in a swifter manner, aiming for the mentioned May 25 as an on-sale date (and not just unveiling the graphics card).

Indeed, reviews of the entry-level versions of the RX 7600 XT – those priced at MSRP – will actually appear on May 24, with beefier models (with increased price tags) having their reviews aired a day later (the same day that the GPUs are available).

While the VideoCardz report observes that it’s not clear whether any AMD reference boards are inbound, later in the above Twitter thread, MLID informs us that there’s definitely a reference card for the 7600 XT. Take that, and of course the above dates, with a whole lot of skepticism as with anything from the rumor mill.

MLID adds, somewhat confusingly, that the GPU which emerges on May 25 is likely to just be called an ‘RX 7600’ rather than an XT model, but the leaker refers to it as the 7600 XT elsewhere. So, take that however you want, but either way, we’ll see the RX 7600 or 7600 XT hit shelves in less than a month now – theoretically.

Analysis: Firing the first shot in a mid-range duel?

It’s interesting to see that AMD may be adopting a similar strategy of splitting review embargoes, so would-be buyers get to see the MSRP cards before launch, but not evaluations of the pricier models. It’s a move that copies what Nvidia did with the recent RTX 4070 launch, so we might expect to see this tactic – which basically emphasizes the more affordable entry-level models – used again in the future.

What’s also interesting here is to see AMD apparently switching to an earlier release date, at least compared to what was heard through the grapevine previously.

With rumors swirling about Nvidia preparing to launch an RTX 4060 Ti at Computex, there could have been a head-to-head showdown between the RX 7600 (XT, or not) and RTX 4060 Ti. Now, however, it appears AMD is going to head Nvidia off at the pass instead, and jump in with an earlier release in this rumored mid-range duel.

Time will tell what actually happens, and if you’re wondering where the RX 7800 or 7700 have gone, well, this is simply a matter of pricing and potential sales. The whispers on the grapevine claim AMD is supposedly going for a lesser spec GPU after seeing what a tricky area the RTX 4070 currently finds itself mired in, with Nvidia reportedly failing to shift all that many units.

It seems that the more affordable end of the GPU spectrum makes sense right now, rather than trying to push out a card with a higher price tag, and it’s difficult to argue with that sentiment amidst the current cost-of-living worries.

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